(No appointments needed! Extra charges may apply for SUVs, Vans and trucks.)

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An Express Wash is a more traditional car wash. Our tunnels are equipped with the industry’s latest car wash equipment and use only the finest soaps and wax available. Each car is washed with soft-cloth, neo-glide foam or lammswool cloth.

Our Full Service Washes will either require the customer to stay in his or her vehicle or exit the vehicle while it is run through the tunnel. This process takes 15 minutes or less.

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This wash package includes:
  • soft cloth wash
  • hand dry



This wash package includes:
  • HOT Wax & Shine
  • soft cloth wipe
  • hand dry
  • wheels clean
  • tire shine
  • Rims Clean
  • bug prep

*All services and prices vary by vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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